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Endangered Species Act at 50: wins, losses and controversy

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, one the the most influential conservation laws in U.S. history. But, the occasion is marred by 21 species newly classified as extinct.

Vogel leads in fundraising, spending in Maryland’s US House 6th District race

Vogel has raised $252,813, putting him above his fellow Democrats — and also above all Republicans running for the seat.

Lawmakers try again to set a vote on Puerto Rico’s status

The Puerto Rico Status Act authorizes the island territory of over 3 million residents to hold a federally-binding referendum to choose among three options: statehood, independence, or sovereignty in free association with the United States.

Election takeaway: abortion remains a potent issue for voters

WASHINGTON – Tuesday’s elections brought multiple victories for reproductive rights advocates, a strong sign that abortion access will be a durable issue and a motivating factor for many voters in 2024. “In case it wasn’t already blindingly obvious before, the abortion issue in a post-Dobbs political environment…

FBI headquarters move to Maryland faces new headwinds from agency and Congress

The years-long debate over the location of the new FBI headquarters seems to be continuing, notwithstanding Wednesday’s announcement by the General Services Administration.

Lawmakers take aim at social media disinformation

Many Americans support tech companies intervening to block disinformation, according to a 2023 survey.

Senate foreign relations panel indicates support for more Ukraine aid

A State Department official told the committee in a hearing that the $64.1 billion spending request would let Ukraine put all of its tax dollars toward the war.

Justices urged to keep gun ban to protect domestic violence survivors

The law requires restraining orders in domestic violence cases to be filed with the national background check system. Such orders are one criteria for halting the purchase of a gun.

Maryland’s O’Malley, Biden’s nominee to head Social Security, gets friendly Senate reception

WASHINGTON – Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley told senators Thursday that if he is confirmed as the new commissioner of the Social Security Administration, he would focus on improving service and boosting the morale of the sprawling agency. “We can and…

Top FBI and Homeland Security officials warn of higher terrorism threat in US

WASHINGTON – The FBI’s director and the secretary of homeland security told Congress Tuesday that the United States faces increased threats from extremists amid the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas. “We assess that the actions of Hamas and its…