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A real-time crime monitoring center is coming to the nation’s capital

WASHINGTON – D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Metropolitan police chief Pamela Smith announced plans to open a center to monitor camera feeds throughout the D.C. metro area. The Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) will help police respond to crime in the…

A Babe Ruth card over 100 years old could sell for more than $10 million

An auction is underway for a 1914 Baltimore News baseball card of George Herman “Babe” Ruth. The card depicts Ruth, a Baltimore native, when he was still a pitcher in the Baltimore Orioles’ organization and is expected to compete with the record for the priciest baseball card ever sold at $12.6 million.

Adnan Syed returns to court to appeal decision to reinstate conviction

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Subject of the podcast “Serial,” Adnan Syed returns to the Supreme Court of Maryland to appeal the March 2023 decision to reinstate his conviction. Syed was released in October 2022 after serving 23 years in prison for…

Fairfax County middle schools have school sports for the first time

Alexandria, Va.- Fairfax County added middle school sports for the first time this fall. All middle schools in the county now offer cross country. It is available to any student who wants to join and the schools compete against each…

Bowie State students out of class for rest of the week as shooting investigation continues

BOWIE, Md. –  Bowie State students are returning to class after a shooting sent two teens to the hospital at the end of the school’s homecoming week. The shooting happened less than a week after Morgan State University’s homecoming shooting,…

Maryland Muslim communities fear rise in hate crimes amid Israel-Hamas conflict

The Maryland chapter of the Council on American and Islamic Relations discusses how communities are keeping safe and combating false narratives.

Victims of DC crime speak out in House Judiciary hearing

WASHINGTON – House Republicans call out Democratic D.C. leadership and hold a hearing for crime victims, including a local restaurant owner who was assaulted in front of his son. A D.C. congresswoman spoke out against the hearing, condemning GOP involvement…

U.S. sends cabinet member to Israel, pledges American support

Hamas and Israel continue to battle as Secretary of State Antony Blinken meets with Israel’s prime minister. Meanwhile, President Biden sends a warning to Iran not to get involved.

The Washington Capitals get ready to drop the puck on the 2023-24 season

The Washington Capitals open the 2023-24 season three days after the start of the NHL schedule. Coaches and players are excited for games to begin.

Endometriosis affects 200 million worldwide but many suffer in silence

Endometriosis is a whole-body disease affecting women, transgender and non-binary individuals. EndoMarch is an organization spreading awareness worldwide about the disease which currently has no guaranteed treatment or guaranteed way to diagnose without surgery.