A government shutdown could halt flood insurance, delaying thousands of home closings

Congress keeps hitting dead ends in attempts to extend a long-term plan for the federal program that provides flooding coverage for homeowners in the country.

With war in Gaza raging, Senate confirms Jack Lew as new US envoy to Israel

WASHINGTON – The Senate on Tuesday confirmed Jack Lew as the new U.S. ambassador to Israel. The move comes amid the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East as war rages between Israel and Hamas. The vote for confirmation was 53-43,…

With no breakthroughs as government faces shutdown Saturday, impacts would be widespread

There are no signs of a settlement in an impasse among House Republicans who are fighting over the size of spending bills, funding additional border measures and providing U.S. aid to Ukraine.

In Washington, Zelenskyy makes pleas to Congress and the White House for more aid

President Joe Biden last month requested $40 billion from Congress in emergency spending, including $24 billion for Ukraine.