Election takeaway: abortion remains a potent issue for voters

WASHINGTON – Tuesday’s elections brought multiple victories for reproductive rights advocates, a strong sign that abortion access will be a durable issue and a motivating factor for many voters in 2024. “In case it wasn’t already blindingly obvious before, the abortion issue in a post-Dobbs political environment…

Maryland joins DC, 40 other states suing Meta, claiming mental health harms to children

Maryland, the District of Columbia and 40 other states are suing Meta alleging that its platforms cause harm to children by building addictive features.

Maryland’s Cardin to introduce bipartisan resolution backing Israel

Sens. Ben Cardin, D-Maryland, and Jim Risch, R-Idaho, said Thursday they will introduce a bipartisan resolution supporting Israel when the Senate returns next week.

Heartbroken parents warn of the dangers of subway surfing, an online trend

Named for a popular video game, subway surfing is the act of riding on top or in between rapid transit cars.