Moore counters political polarization with positive messaging

Gov. Wes Moore flashed his signature smile to the crowd as he pointed to people saying, “We need you,” and thanking everyone like he’d just won an Oscar. The smile and shoutouts that punctuated the October launch of his service year program have become characteristic of Moore’s optimistic style.

Maryland officials delight in announced FBI move to Greenbelt

The new facility will sit on an undeveloped 61-acre plot next to the Greenbelt Metro Station and the protected wetlands of Indian Creek.

Moore launches service year, Maryland Corps with fanfare

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The University of Maryland fight song echoed through the college’s Reckord Armory Friday as dancers performed routines and a tunnel of cheerleaders welcomed the participants of Gov. Wes Moore’s Maryland Corps and Service Year Option to…

Farms balance benefits of agritourism with need to preserve land

Farms that are close to densely populated cities such as Baltimore, Annapolis, or Washington, D.C., can draw people in, boosting economic opportunities for farmers.

State’s top financial officials blast congressional budget inaction

Any government shutdown is likely to impact the growth of Maryland’s economy, which has already slowed, the Board of Revenue Estimates said.

Moore tells interviewer he has no interest in higher office; talks economy, public safety

Moore, an author, nonprofit executive and former Army officer, had not held political office before winning the governor’s election in 2022.