Maryland military facilities probing groundwater for ‘forever chemicals’

Maryland military facilities are in the early stages of remedial investigations into “forever chemicals” that jeopardize drinking water supplies in groundwater after a September report by the Department of Defense identified hundreds of military sites across the country as at risk for such chemicals.

Lead persists as problem in holiday gifts, environmental cost

Lead poisoning has hit the news recently with pollution from leaded aviation gasoline, poisoning from applesauce pouches and federal lead pipe replacement projects. But some lead poisoning threats come during the holiday gift-giving season from jewelry, toys, makeup and other gifts.

As flood plans come to fruition, climate experts say they’ll quickly be inadequate

City Dock floods more than 50 times a year, often forcing business owners along Dock Street to close up shop.

Maryland officials delight in announced FBI move to Greenbelt

The new facility will sit on an undeveloped 61-acre plot next to the Greenbelt Metro Station and the protected wetlands of Indian Creek.

Halloween beetle sneaks inside to provide a scare as temps drop

These little bugs are extremely valuable to plant life but they bite, too.

Hellish tree of heaven weeds out native plants

As the invasive spotted lanternfly continues to spread nationwide, its proliferation has highlighted an even more worrisome invasive species: the prolific “stinking sumac,” or tree of heaven. 

Seeing spotted lanternfly eggs? Scrape, smash, report them

The spotted lanternfly, an invasive insect, poses a serious threat to local farms and plants throughout Maryland.