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Juvenile services department to move detained girls, again

Maryland’s Department of Juvenile Services will relocate girls awaiting court hearings or long-term placement this month from a single unit of the Cheltenham Youth Detention Center to a center that will house all girls in the agency’s residential care. 

Legal aid clinic offers job, expungement help as new laws expand eligibility

Albert Gary loved working as a bouncer. “People got to know me. I got to know people,” said Gary, 39, of Baltimore. Now, he said, he misses the work, because well-paying nightclub security positions have increasingly required guards to carry firearms, and his criminal record prevents him from getting a license to carry.

Fall deer season increases drivers’ risk of animal collisions

It was late at night in November 2021, when Carl Wagner was driving down Central Avenue in Edgewater on his way home to Harwood in his Ford F-150. Suddenly a deer leaped a guardrail and darted in front of his truck.

Montgomery County’s tipped worker wage bill prompts confrontation

Supporters of a Montgomery County proposal to raise tipped workers’ minimum wage clashed with opponents who came out to testify at a council hearing Tuesday afternoon.

Buttigieg presents tuition grant to Prince George’s, Baltimore County community college commercial driver’s license programs

The federal grant, part of the bipartisan infrastructure law, is supposed to help veterans, refugees and the underserved with tuition costs.

Halloween beetle sneaks inside to provide a scare as temps drop

These little bugs are extremely valuable to plant life but they bite, too.

As Laurel Park readies for Maryland Million, experts discuss safety of troubled sport

New safety measures may not be enough to quiet criticism of the sport, which has seen numerous, high-profile horse deaths.

Maryland’s 2023 traffic fatalities may top 2007’s grim death toll

Maryland is on track to see the highest number of roadway fatalities since 2007, according to Motor Vehicle Administrator Christine Nizer, with Prince George’s County leading the state in fatal crashes.

Judge blocks parts of new Maryland gun law

A federal court judge Friday blocked parts of a new Maryland law that limits areas where gun owners in Maryland are allowed to carry concealed or open-wear firearms just as it was set to go into effect.

State’s top financial officials blast congressional budget inaction

Any government shutdown is likely to impact the growth of Maryland’s economy, which has already slowed, the Board of Revenue Estimates said.