Maryland military facilities probing groundwater for ‘forever chemicals’

Maryland military facilities are in the early stages of remedial investigations into “forever chemicals” that jeopardize drinking water supplies in groundwater after a September report by the Department of Defense identified hundreds of military sites across the country as at risk for such chemicals.

Congress again attempting to address Afghan refugee status

More than two years after the final U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan, over 70,000 refugees from that nation are living in a legal limbo that Congress has yet to change. But Bipartisan legislation, known as the Afghan Adjustment Act (AAA), was introduced in July in the Senate and the House. It would provide Afghans who sought refuge in the United States with a pathway to apply for permanent legal residency.

FBI headquarters move to Maryland faces new headwinds from agency and Congress

The years-long debate over the location of the new FBI headquarters seems to be continuing, notwithstanding Wednesday’s announcement by the General Services Administration.

Top FBI and Homeland Security officials warn of higher terrorism threat in US

WASHINGTON – The FBI’s director and the secretary of homeland security told Congress Tuesday that the United States faces increased threats from extremists amid the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas. “We assess that the actions of Hamas and its…

Most Maryland House Democrats see new House speaker as extremist, threat to democracy

WASHINGTON – Newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson is drawing sharp criticisms from most of Maryland’s House Democrats, who view the Louisiana lawmaker as a political extremist and opponent of democracy. “Speaker Mike Johnson? Anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ, anti-gun safety, anti-democracy. This is…

At DC rally, Maryland’s Moore, Hoyer and others declare solidarity with Israel

Against the backdrop of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, members of the Washington area Jewish community and elected officials on Friday joined to show support for Israel at a rally in the city’s Freedom Plaza.

Lawsuit accuses Maryland-based disability claims firm of unlawful practices

A recent lawsuit filed on behalf of veterans alleges that Just4Veterans, a Clarksburg, Maryland-based disability claims consultancy that operates nationally, is violating federal law. 

Maryland’s Cardin vows to halt military aid to Egypt over human rights abuses

Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Maryland, announced plans to block future U.S. military aid and arms sales to Egypt unless that country shows “concrete, meaningful, and sustainable steps” to improve its human rights record.

With no breakthroughs as government faces shutdown Saturday, impacts would be widespread

There are no signs of a settlement in an impasse among House Republicans who are fighting over the size of spending bills, funding additional border measures and providing U.S. aid to Ukraine.

In Maryland, Biden touts economic successes, blasts GOP policies as ‘extreme’

President Joe Biden said his policies had created 13 million jobs, including 800,000 in manufacturing, and kept unemployment under 4% for 19 months, including record lows in unemployment among Black and Hispanic workers, veterans, and the lowest jobless rate in 70 years among women.